Friday, July 10, 2015

Colette is 12 Months Old & Professional Pics

Our sweet girl is a 1 year old! I was waiting for the professional pics to come back and man were they worth the wait.
She's not quite sitting like a lady, but she is just the cutest little nugget! 
 Weight- 19 lbs, 15 oz- 28%
Height- 29 1/2" 60%
Head Circ.- 18" 67%
Personality- she is such a happy, happy girl! 95% of the time she is "talking", laughing, dancing or exploring. Right after her 12 month checkup she got a fever (they say not related to shots) and a virus and she was not a happy camper for a week or so. We were all afraid it was the new normal, but thankfully she snapped out of it!
New Developments- She is so good at signing more and all done. She is now a walking machine. She prefers to take your hand and go for walks. She is very clear on the rules though. Only 1 hand needs to be held. She will shake off your other and make loud noises to let you know she only wants 1 hand. Since I am writing this and she is 13 months, she does walk about 80% of the time now by herself in the house and not crawling.
I mean... I can't even describe how cute this photo is. You better believe I ordered some prints for the house. I may not have a well decorated house yet, but I will have the cutest kids on the walls (well and in the house).
Max is seriously the best big brother ever. He always wants to help and take care of her, he doesn't even get mad when she steals his toys. I could never have imagined him being so good with her. Another favorite which is getting enlarged!
Sleeping- She is a great sleeper now. She sleeps from about 8pm (usually later now that it's summer) until about 6:30/7am. I don't get her out until 7. She is usually just rolling around talking to herself. Such a different baby then Max was :) She naps twice a day around 10am and 2pm for about 1.5-2 hours each.
Eating- Our little one loves to eat. Pretty much anything right now. She eats everything we eat and gets very angry when you don't share something with her. She is also drinking like a champ from a straw. I really can't pin point any favorites as she doesn't turn anythign down. She loves fruit, smoothies, bread, waffles, etc...
She was so funny eating the cake. She just took her time and was like just come back later for me, I'm enjoying this cake.
She says Dat all the time. We think it's for that like when she points to something she always says it. She says DA for dog and the other day we heard her say NO very clearly. We were trying to give her something she didn't want and she was very angry and said NO and was so surprised when we reacted cheerfully like she had spoke a whole sentence lol.
Her hair is still straight for now. I am really not sure if it's going to curl up. Hadley's was straight at this point also. Her texture is definitely mine so we will see.
She hates diaper changes and will squirm, scream and wiggle her way out of them.
She is very independent and copies everything her brother does. She is a master of the shoot guns already.
She loves to open boxes and put things inside just to take them back out later. She is a pro at putting the nerf bullets into the correct spot. Very good coordination. 
These are some every day action shots from about 11 months till now. She had a little incident where she fell down a step or two (supervision was right next to her) and she had a boo boo on her eye.
We went over to Hadley's room to check out her big bow collection.
She looks happier than she really was about the bows. I think it's because she is obsessed with sitting in chairs.
Hadley and me trying on more bows.
These two are so adorable in their helper stand. Such big helpers.
She does have 6 teeth still.
Loves to stand and play on chairs. She also is a huge fan of playing on the couch with the cushions. She gets this one from her big brother. Our poor couch is going to be worn out in a few years from all their playing, but I am glad we have it now for them.
More sibling playing fun.
And she found a cupboard with hardly anything in it. It's Molly's dog food stash.

Here is a video from her first official steps taken at 11.5 months old (just like big brother).

She's in size 3 Honest diapers, clothes is still some 12 month and moving onto the 18 month.
She still sleeps in her sleep sack every night. We originally got these for the transition after the swaddle. It was to help them with the startle reflex as the arms are inside this blanket contraption. Now she just loves it and since she can't have blankets yet we still use them (they make them in big sizes).
Colette also loves phones. She wants your iphone to press the circle button and talk to Siri. Siri never understands her, but Coco doesn't care.
Must call Auntie.
She got her big girl car seat right around her year birthday as well. Went with the Diono Rainier.
First official big girl clip in bow.
We met her baby cousin Owen and she realized she wasn't the baby any more! Sad day for Coco.
Like Father, Like son, Like daughter.
Look at her in her little flamingo dress from Karen! She looks so darling in it!
Auntie taught Coco the cheese face. There is also a cute video of her saying ChhhhhheeeEEEeeee.
Cousin time and couch fun.

She was very excited that day as she learned to stand up for a seated position. She kept doing it over and over.
This was from the week after her shots when she got the virus. She was down and out poor little gal. Fever was 102-103 at the doctor that morning.
Loves her blanket/sleep sack.

She is at such a fun age and we are loving every minute with our happy girl! Love you Coco bean.
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Coco's Flamingo Pool Party 1st Birthday

Colette had her 1st Birthday party this past weekend at our neighborhood pool. I turned to Etsy and had this awesome invite created.

Address goes in the middle box.
I had to order another custom cake from Eileen the cake lady. This is the smash cake.
The ombre upside down ruffle cake. The top layer was vanilla with lemon butter cream filling. The bottom was chocolate with cookies and cream filling. The flamingo toppers came off ebay.
Auntie Shelly purchased this gorgeous bow for Coco bean. Someone wasn't a fan for very long though.
Swimsuit is a mudpie via amazon. She had an adorable matching dress but we just never changed her into it.

Hadley was our bow wearer for the rest of the party.
 She even wore an adorable flamingo dress over her swim suit.
We set up a pop-up tent and fans to keep flys and not melt the cake. David of course was the mastermind behind the setup. It worked so good though, because it was a scorcher out. Max has a flamingo bathing suit on, but not sure I took a pic of him close up.

Dancing time.
We brought the blow up pool thinking she would be happy splashing in there so we could grill the food and socialize, but in true 1st birthday diva behavior she just kept climbing out.
Gigi and Coco in their matching flamingo outfits.
It worked out great to grill the food right by our party location. Adam and Christie just had their baby so David had to take the grilling duties on (normally Adam is our griller).
We kept decor simple with mostly pink table cloths and a few bigger flamingo findings.
I got these great flamingo drink holders from oriental trading. They are very cool until you try to put them in the water like you think they should be used for... Tipped right over. We tried numerous types of beverages.
Most exciting of all was our cousin Heather returned from a year in China teaching abroad! She literally got off a plane or 2 from traveling 30 hours, grabbed a shower? and came to the party! We were so glad she did. We missed her!
2 day old baby Owen even made his first public appearance!
Had to demonstrate our beverage holders.
 Family cake photo. You can kind of see Max's trunks here.

Singing Happy Birthday and Max helping to blow out the candle.
She says ok can I dig in now... Check out her hand sampling the goods.
Home girl likes to eat some cake. She just takes her time in doing it. We could have left her for a few hours and she would have been happy.

A few of the happy guests watching Colette. 
I broke a piece of actual cake off to give to her and she enjoyed that as well. Auntie Gina sneaking a pic with the birthday girl.
We are so thankful for everyone that came to the party. I was too busy wrangling a crazy 1 year old to take any more photos of guests, but all of David's family came to celebrate, plus a few neighbor friends and family. We can never do anything small, it's just not how we roll. We are so lucky to be so close to everyone! 
Still waiting on her official 1 year pics to do an official post, but she went to the doctor this week and she is healthy as can be. Love you Coco bean! Pin It
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